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Rachel’s Challenge at Panera Bread – What we can all learn from a group of kids

Imagine you’re walking into Panera Bread to enjoy a breakfast sandwich and an iced coffee on a Saturday morning in late May. As you enter, though, you are halted by a group of middle school girls all dressed in the same organization’s t-shirt. Your first thoughts may likely be… what are these kids going to ask me for? How much are they are going to request I donate to their cause?


Every April in honor of Autism Awareness month Covelli Enterprises launches its ‘Pieces of Hope for Autism’ cookie campaign. This year the campaign spanned 7 states, involved 215 Panera Bread locations and the hard labor of more than 450 bakers, and raised more than $250,000. Since 2010, Covelli Enterprises has raised more than $2 million to support local autism organizations in the areas its serves.

Mason Café Opening Signals More Growth in Our Home State

It’s been nearly four years since the Cincinnati market has seen a new Panera Bread location. Now, we’re starting a new wave of growth in the Queen City beginning with the recent Grand Opening of our drive-thru café in Mason with many more to come. In other words, the focus on expanding the Panera Bread concept in Cincy, one of our home state’s largest cities, has just begun!