Giving back keeps us busy

There is so much that I love and appreciate about operating Covelli Enterprises and Panera Bread restaurants and there’s no way that I could begin to explain all of them here. But I am going to concentrate on one of the biggies here: giving back. I’ve talked about giving back on some of my earlier blogs, but quite honestly, it’s like saying “thank you.” You can never say it enough.

Puzzle Piece campaign produces many winners

I really don’t know where to begin except to say “thank you.” I have so many people I want to thank for helping to make our campaign to raise funds and awareness for autism such an amazing success. Our puzzle piece cookie sale ended Sunday and the Austintown store sold the most puzzle piece cookies to raise funds for autism. But there are countless winners in our corporate wide campaign.

The Independence Ohio Panera Bread is winning

Tuesday was the kind of day that we live for all year long. It was the kick-off of our special puzzle piece cookie sales to benefit different autism organizations at all of the Panera Bread restaurants that are part of Covelli Enterprises. And when I tell you that you could feel and see and smell and taste the excitement, I am not exaggerating. Let me offer some examples.

Take a selfie, enjoy a great cookie, help Autism

Medicine has made major advancements in my lifetime. It’s staggering to think how far we’ve come on so many fronts. Some diseases that were once a death sentence can now be managed with medicines and treatments.