Panera Bread drops artificial sweeteners and preservatives This is another reason why I am Panera Proud

I am so proud to be president of the company that holds the distinction of owning and operating more Panera Bread restaurants than any other single company in the world. I’m proud because Panera is a spectacular restaurant and a great brand.

Many of you already know that.

But just in case you needed a reminder of the company’s brilliance and concern for its customers, you need look no further than last month. In May, Panera announced that it was dropping artificial ingredients from the menus.

I am so happy about this because I know that this is what you care about – You want to eat healthy food and that’s why you trust our restaurants.

I am so proud that we will be able to do a better job of bringing you unprocessed foods and food that is free of artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Panera is reformulating more than 160 of the 465 ingredients used in its food. Items, including croutons, tortilla strips and bacon, are to be revamped by 2016.

We already serve some of the freshest and best food available and this latest push will guarantee that even our salad dressings will be free of any preservatives or processed items. There are not too many restaurants that can speak with such incredible confidence about the quality and freshness of its food.

I am proud that we can brag.

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