Team Jupiter

Our cafe in Jupiter, FL has a stellar team! Nominated by their General Manager Ivette Ibarrondo, the following employees are doing awesome things: Thank you to Judith Rivera, Assistant Manager, for your excellent customer service and warm welcoming to your GM. Thank you to Britney Murray, Cafe Associate, for getting a flurry of recent positive customer compliments for your amazing customer service. Thank you to Gabriella Bejarano, Cafe Associate, for your exceptional care of the customer. And last but not least, thank you to Kassandra Beckmann, Catering Coordinator for doing such an amazing job on catering services through great customer care. Kassandra also received 2 recent positive customer compliments. Way to go, Team Jupiter!

Susan Gibbons

Susan has been an anchor for the Crestview Hills, KY Panera since 2012. She has been a store opener, trainer, shift supervisor and the go-to person in that cafe. She has helped train more than 200 managers! She is truly the “Face of Panera”, providing extraordinary service and creating the everyday oasis our customers have come to expect. Her willingness to help in any situation has made her an invaluable asset. Regular customers will have their orders from the bakery already made and waiting for them when they arrive because Susan has served them for years. She is what is truly great about our Panera customer service team. Hardworking, detailed-oriented, customer-driven and passionate about the brand, she is truly an asset to our team and company! Awesome job, Susan Gibbons!

Sarah Sizemore

Sarah is a shift supervisor at our Buttermilk cafe in Crescent Springs, KY who comes to work every single day with a smile! The staff and customers both love and adore her, and she is always striving to learn new things as well as helping others in any way she can. She has been a part of two store openings in Northern Kentucky, and she is excited to move up within the company. She was nominated by her GM who said she has people come up to her almost daily telling her how great Sarah is. According to the cafe GM, “She is a true asset to our team, and I truly believe Sarah’s attitude and the way she carries herself every day is the reason our Café Health average score is so high.” Way to be amazing, Sarah Sizemore!

Patricia “Patti” Miller

Patti the baker at our Centerpoint cafe in North Charleston, SC is always willing to go the extra mile, which is why everyone – managers and employees alike – love her so much! She makes extra trips to other stores to get product if her cafe is in need of something. She stays every morning until the opening manager gets in. If one of the openers call off, she stays and helps open the store. She helps in all areas of the cafe like setting up bakery, setting up the line, dropping soups or even brewing coffee. She is always willing to help. Her GM says she comes in every day with a smile on her face. She isn’t just a baker, she is an integral part of the Centerpoint cafe team. Way to go Patti Miller, you rock!

Frances Tufts

Frances at our Surfside cafe in Myrtle Beach goes above and beyond at all times. She builds sincere relationships and has even volunteered for one client that serves underprivileged people. She is extremely committed, often working six or seven days a week and getting to work earlier than anyone else. Frances is someone everyone loves to work with. She always lends a helping hand and genuinely enjoys what she does. Her director said “I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving. She is an ambassador for our brand in all the right ways.” Anyone who works with Frances will tell you she’s the best sandwich maker you’ll ever find, but it’s clear she’s so much more than that. Thank you, Frances Tufts!

Taylor Coleman

Taylor at our Bexley Panera was nominated by pretty much every person she works with! Her employees all agree she ‘never has a bad day’ and is always positive and uplifting to her staff and the customer. Taylor is organized, reliable, fair, proactive, respectful, and gets things done! Her staff says under her leadership the cafe is clean and well-run, and she has improved the environment and communication between management and employees. Congratulations to Taylor Coleman for being what her staff calls ‘the best GM anyone could ask for!’

Andrew Brown

Congratulations to Andrew at our High Point, NC Panera for wow-ing a customer with exceptional customer service in support of High Point Police Department. The customer reached out in gratitude for Andrew’s help feeding police officers working overnight. The customer wrote, ”I called Andrew at the last minute and he ‘worked his magic’ with a great selection of bagels and pastries for our guys. Andrew Brown, thank you for your hard work and dedication to help our community and our men and women in blue. Your fantastic attitude and willingness to help are truly appreciated.”