Lynn Hillenbrand

A longtime employee at Cincinnati’s Gilmore café, associate Lynn Hillenbrand is a familiar face to many local residents who are regulars of the cafe. Customer-upon-customer submit positive comments about Lynn on a regular basis – one recently referring to Lynn as a “great face of the organization!” And from another, “Lynn is a wonderful employee. She does a good job and represents Panera bread very well.” In addition, Lynn’s café staff respect her amazing customer service and helpfulness. “We have around 20, if not more, regular customers that Lynn knows by name,” says the Gilmore general manager, Danielle Conley. “She engages them with the same warmth as though they were a friend coming over for a cup of coffee each morning.” According to Conley, Lynn is also always willing and ready to help around the café. From completing large orders in the morning, to filling soups for the line at lunch, Lynn goes the extra mile year-after-year!

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