Every April in honor of Autism Awareness month Covelli Enterprises launches its ‘Pieces of Hope for Autism’ cookie campaign. This year the campaign spanned 7 states, involved 215 Panera Bread locations and the hard labor of more than 450 bakers, and raised more than $250,000. Since 2010, Covelli Enterprises has raised more than $2 million to support local autism organizations in the areas its serves.

Through this special once-a-year campaign, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of all ‘Pieces of Hope’ cookies are donated to support various autism causes including The Rich Center for Autism at Youngstown State University, Potential Development, Autism Speaks of Central Ohio, Autism Society of North Carolina, Autism Unbound, Dan Marino Foundation, Medical University of South Carolina’s Project Rex, and autism centers at Cleveland Clinic, Dayton Children’s and Cincinnati Children’s Hospitals. Funds are used by these partners to provide services, scholarships, research, treatment, advocacy, and resources for families.

The puzzle piece cookie, specially designed to represent the symbol for autism, is sold only in Covelli-owned and operated Panera Bread cafés each year. The cookie consists of Panera Bread’s famous shortbread topped with sweet white icing and an edible sugar decal and is made completely free of any artificial colors, flavors, additives or preservatives.

“I love our ‘Pieces of Hope for Autism’ campaign because I know how much good it is doing in our communities,” said Sam Covelli, Owner/Operator of Covelli Enterprises. “This special cookie has allowed us to make such a positive difference for those with autism, and that’s something we are extremely proud of.”

Throughout the month of April, Covelli Panera cafés also collected Community Breadbox donations at the registers of all of its cafés to raise funds for the cause as part of its Covelli Cares community support.

The delicious ‘Pieces of Hope for Autism’ puzzle piece cookies for a cause will return April 2019! #everycookiecounts