After decades of building restaurants and growing a company, Sam Covelli is now sharing his thoughts about work, life and other issues.

2015 Corporate Caring Award Recipient

Corporate responsibility: a mission we take seriously

I guess it’s fair to call me a competitive guy. But there’s winning and then there’s really winning. Covelli Enterprises has a lot of wins every day. We are the largest franchisee of Panera Bread restaurants. We win many Panera corporate-wide awards for sales, for cleanliness, for service. And I am proud of all of those accomplishments.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad…I miss you Happy Father’s Day to All Dads!

The bronze statute of my father stands in the lobby of our headquarters in Warren. Even when the sun isn’t shining, my father, Albert Covelli, continues to cast a long shadow.

Poverty knows no restraint; St. Vincent tries to help those in need

In 2014, the Trumbull County St. Vincent De Paul Society served between 35,000 and 40,000 meals to people in need. It also offered food to nearly 1,000 families and sold goods at a thrift store at dramatically reduced prices.

Who wants to sleep when there’s so much fun stuff to do?

Lately, I’ve been waking up earlier and earlier and while I know that I need to sleep, I sometimes have to force myself to stay in bed. I am eager to get going. There’s too much to do and to experience. And quite frankly, life and work with Panera Bread restaurants is simply fun – especially now through the end of June!

Giving back keeps us busy

There is so much that I love and appreciate about operating Covelli Enterprises and Panera Bread restaurants and there’s no way that I could begin to explain all of them here. But I am going to concentrate on one of the biggies here: giving back. I’ve talked about giving back on some of my earlier blogs, but quite honestly, it’s like saying “thank you.” You can never say it enough.

We are products of place; Mahoning Valley has produced many legends

I am from Warren, Ohio and I can’t say enough good things about my hometown and the entire Northeast Ohio region. We have a resilient spirit and we’re proud people. We understand hard work and we appreciate opportunity.

MLK Jr’s struggle for equality must continue

I just finished reading the essays that won the Covelli Enterprises Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest in Pittsburgh. To say that I am impressed would

Go Bucks… Go Panera Team

Like millions of Ohioans, I’m an Ohio State fan. I have already started counting the minutes until the Buckeyes play again. After their incredible performance against Oregon in the college football playoffs, it’s hard to have to wait for another season of the Bucks.

The year 2015 holds great promise

In late December 2014, I spent a good amount of time focusing on the year that was. I reflected on my family, our businesses, our community and our country. I thought about victories and failures and I pondered what new directions we might take in the new year.